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    IMAP connection error

    Mrsunilg Level 1



      I am not able to configure email endpoint with SMTP and IMAP server. When i deploy the process, it shows me error that "could not connect". What could be the reason.


      Using send email activit, i am able to configure SMTP for sending emails. But not able to configure and deploy email endpoint.


      Please provide help




      Sunil Gupta

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          $Nith$ Level 4

          Find out the protocol and port used to receive emails from your email server.


          Default values are given below (for MS Exchange Server):


          SMTP - 25 (Only for Sending Emails)


          POP3 - 110


          IMAP - 143


          POP3s - 995 (SSL)


          IMAPs - 993 (SSL)




          You can verify connectivity by using TELNET command from a command prompt


          syntax:   telnet email_server_host PORT


          e.g.  telnet myserver.exchange.com 110


          If you succeed with the above command, you can use the same values to configure email endpoint.



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            Mrsunilg Level 1

            Thanks Nith

            for providing consitent help on this forum..


            I was able to configure the email exchange server. Earlier the problem was with the firewall. We had more than one firewall layers and one of the firewall out of three was blocking it. so infrastructure team helped us to resolve the issue..





            Sunil Gupta