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    Pasted Word Images Overwrite File Names

    Flaven Level 1

      My workflow for WebHelp 9.0.2 systems involves outputting Word docs to be used for review and revisions by the SMEs. Those docs are returned to me, I copy and paste and tweak changes, compile a new WebHelp system, and produce a new set of Word docs and the process continues anew. These projects include a lot of use-cases with a lot of screen captures.

      To my horror, I just recently discovered that when I copy a large section of Word text which includes images and paste that into a RoboHelp topic, RoboHelp overwrites existing image file names instead of incrementing the file names. Many of the images are new and have not been used in the WebHelp project previously. If I explicitly select just one image in Word, copy and paste that, the image file name is usually properly incremented and does not overwrite an existing file name (there were some exceptions which I haven't had time to explore yet).

      I’m working around that by removing all the images from the Word doc first, but this is not an ideal solution. Any suggestions? Is this a bug or am I nuts?...<G>

      Is there a schema used by RoboHelp for naming placed image files? Thanks for any help.