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    Need help with drop down lists!


      I have created a form that has several columns, each with its own drop down list.  The user must choose the column that best fits his "activity" (i.e. "direct hours" or "indirect hours").  If the user inadvertantly picks from a drop down list in the incorrect column, then realizes his error, how can he correct that error?  I don't know how to put a blank space in the list...I'm truly a novice so I won't understand you if you start talking about "scripting", etc.  I need easy to follow, step by step instructions!  Thank you!!

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          I am not entirely sure I understand what you are trying to do but I think you just want to add black as an option in each of your drop down list.


          Select your drop down object and look at the Field page of the Object palette (if necessary open it from the Window list). Looking at the list items (where your drop down choices are) and press the green puls to add another item on the list.  Type a space and then use the arrows to move it to wherever you want in the drop down list. That will allow you to have a blank as an option.


          Hope this helps