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    Loading an external swf into a target, prompting it to go to a certain frame (loadMovie)




      I am making a website for myself and am having an issue with loading an swf and commanding the swf to go to a certain frame. Bassically I have one page, that has 7 seperate small thumbnail images on it which are buttons, each is commanded to open an swf file labelled slideshow. The slideshow swf showcases the thumbnails seperatly in a much larger scale, then the user can look through the images using previous and next buttons.


      this is the code i have so far:


      on (release) {




      So each image or Button has this code on it. Then the movie "slideshow.swf" is loaded into the target destination "target_f"


      Although each time you click on any button it starts directly on the first frame of the slideshow. Which is always the first pictue. I want the user to be able to click on any image on the main page and it will load that frame of the slideshow first, which can then be navigated to the other pictures using forward and back buttons.


      I hope this makes sense, and i thank you in advance for the help