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    A universal video format for iOS and Android?

    blackmountain-agency Level 1



      I have open the Folio that I have originally made for the iPad on a Samsung Galaxy Tab and I see a lot of differences in the way videos are played.


      It seems that for the iPad I need to always use the H264 codec, but on a Samsung galaxy tablet this is not the good way to do it. After various tests I see that I must use the F4V format (which uses the H264 codec) in Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5


      The problem is that F4V with the H264 codec can't be read on the iPad.




      - Or there is only one method to create video files that can be read on iOS and Android and it would be great if somebody can tell me which app and which presets to use...

      - Or we must always create two different video exports, one for iOS and the other one for Android.


      In DPS' s user manual, this issue is not covered.


      Thank you.