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    Editing movie (& game) screenshots for web comics

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      I did some screenshot captures from a DVD movie and I edited these screenshots in photoshop CS on my netbook under XP. The original screenshots show an adult (middle-aged woman) in a hospital bed and a doctor with her. The edited screenshots show a 7 yr old girl (in the middle-aged woman's place) while the doctor has a hearing aid and a camera around his neck. Also, the walls/bed curtain were edited to make it look it was taken in a children's hospital rather than an adult hospital.


      (Images deleted)


      These last 3 screenshots (bottom 3) are the original screenshots, the top 3 screenshots are my edited screenshots. I was told on another forum (a gaming forum) that in order to host these screenshots (after they're used to create a pdf comic book) online on my own website (I don't yet have this website; I'm going to school to be a computer tech (my mainstay job-to-be) and my hobby is writing comic books which to host online) I'll have to create my own backgrounds from scratch - but I know of no way to create a series of photos (such as these screenshots taken from a movie) that progressively show the scene from several different angles, etc, from scratch in photoshop, thus the only option that I see is editing video game and movie screenshots in photoshop such as I did here with these screenshots - what do you guys say? How exactly do I do these kind of series of photos from scratch in photoshop?


      The whole reason I'm asking this is b/c I don't want anyone to see my comics after they're online and sue me for copyright infringement - thus the photoshop photos/photoshop scenes from scratch questions that I'm asking.


      Thanks in advance.

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          I don't mean to point out the obvious but you have already posted images, protected by copyright, online... in this forum.


          You'll need to speak to an attorney regarding copyright and derivative works. A forum of strangers is not the best place to get legal advice.


          I always imagined comic books as being drawn on paper and then scanned into Photoshop, or drawn directly with a digital tablet. I don't recall reading any photo montage comics when I was a little one.

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            Well, there is such a thing as photo comics, called fumetti comics. I think it's the new thing out. I was told this at the New Dimension Comics store at the local shopping mall (5 miles from our house) back in 2008. I shop there occasionally to buy comics, but most of them are cartoon-style, drawn comics, but occasionally you'll see a photo comic there for sale. Ok, shall I delete these images? And about this legal advice and the attorney - are there any free online forums (like there are computer advice and PC game advice, etc. forums) where I can register for free and discuss these matters as copyrights, comics, game/movie screenshots, editing, etc for free like I do on these gaming and computer forums that I currently belong to?


            Regarding not remembering photo comics when "you were a little one," you're how old? I'm 58 years old, and I, too, only remember reading hand-drawn comics. AFAIK, the first photo comic I ever saw, I think, was around 2007 or 2008.



            EDIT - Hey, I can't believe it -- I found a legal advice/attorney forum online! They exist!!!


            Check it out, could you please?



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              The idea of suggesting an attorney is that it is very difficult to understand specifically what is involved here. There's no indication of the legal jurisdiction in which you live (and which laws apply), to what extent you will be using the images of others, and if any of your work is considered 'parody' and exempt from some copyright protection.


              To keep things simple, in regard to copyright litigation, many artists choose to create entirely original art.

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                Most movies copyright notice say that they cannot be reproduced in any form, even parts of it. You clearly did not ask the right to reproduce the images, so they will have to be taken offline.

                The way to create your comics legally is to take pictures yourself, or create them by hand.

                As an alternative, you could look for Creative Commons, that allow derivative work images/films or Public Domain Photos/Videos. (most Photos from the US governement, but I don't remember if they allow derivative or commercial works)