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    Inserting alternating pages


      I have one document "docA" that contains the odd pages of an original file and another document "docB" that contains the even pages of the original file. I want to recreate the original file. I only know VBA, so I've been trying to translate VBA into JavaScript, but it hasn't worked. The steps I want are as follows:


           1. A dialog box to prompt the user to select docA and docB


           2. pagecount = number of pages in docB


           3. for i = 1 to pagecount

      x = i * 2 - 1

      insert page i from docB after page x from docA

              next i


      What I have so far:


      docA = ?

      docB = ?


      var pagecount = docB.numpages();


      for ( int i = 1; i <= pagecount; i++) {

                      int x = i * 2 - 1


                                      nPage: ?

                                      cPath: ?

                                      nStart: ?




      On that same note, is there a guide that outlines the very basic elements of the various functions, what the nPage means for example. I have the manual from Adobe, but it jumps straight into examples without ever explaining the function.