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    Laptop Spec - Better Processor or Better Graphics Card?


      Hi there


      I am looking to purchase a laptop in order to be able to use Premiere Pro cs5.5 on the move.

      (I have a deskop at home for bigger projects/storage etc.)


      I am limited by budget..er who isnt?


      These are the specs from PC Specialist:




      Vortex II 15.6" matte screen, 16 gb samsung 1333mhz ddr3, i7 2860 processor, 1.5 gb nvidia geforce gtx 560m,

      240gb Kingston SSD, bluray writer


      comes to £1674 incl vat


      My question is.. as my budget can only stretch so far..


      Would I be better to get a slower processor eg i7 2760 and get a better graphics card eg 2gb nvidia gtx 580m which works out at £1826.00 inc vat

      (top end of budget!!)


      There is also an option for 2gb nvidia 485m (apparently on special offer) which combined with the i7 2760 works out at £1771.00.


      Any help would be much appreciated!!