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    Problem with origin module installation




      I'm trying to install the origin module on my apache2.2 server. I'm working with a win7 x64 machine.


      I followed the instructions and copied mod_f4fhttp.so, hds.dll and libexpat.dll into my modules folder.

      I then added the line LoadModule f4fhttp_module modules/mod_f4fhttp.so into my httpd.conf.

      When I try to start the apache server, I get a "cannot load mod_f4fhttp.so into server" error.


      I first thought apache couldn't find the files, so I tried different names and folders, but obviously it's not the problem.

      I then thought it could be the access rights, so I changed these as well, but it doesn't help.


      My current supposition is that it comes from the 32bits dll files. Because my OS is 64bit, apache is the x86 version.. and the origin module is only available in 32bit version for windows..


      Does anyone have a clue ? Thanks for your help.