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    Why isn't "edit browser list" working in CS5?

    GlazerGallery Level 1

      I'm trying to use the "Preview in Browser" function.  I used to use it, but stopped because it wasn't working with Firefox.  I wanted to give it another try, but Dreamweaver prompts me to remove all browsers and try again.  So I remove them all (including Safari, which is the only that's been working for months) and will not let me add browsers to list.  I can't add Firefox, and I can't even add Safari back, though it will show up in the list if I restart the computer.  I follow these steps, as outlined in the DW CS5 help documentation:


      1. Select File > Preview In Browser > Edit Browser List.
      2. To add a browser to the list, click the Plus button, complete the Add Browser dialog box, and then click OK.
      3. To delete a browser from the list, select the browser, and then click the Minus button.
      4. To change settings for a selected browser, click the Edit button, make changes in the Edit Browser dialog box, and then click OK.
      5. Select the Primary Browser or the Secondary Browser option to specify whether the selected browser is the primary or secondary browser. F12 (Windows) or Option+F12 (Macintosh) opens the primary browser; Control+F12 (Windows) or Command+F12 (Macintosh) opens the secondary browser.

      Select Preview Using Temporary File to create a temporary copy for previewing and server debugging. (Deselect this option if you want to update the document directly.)


      After doing all that, there are no browsers in the list.  I've gone around in circles several times and I'm positive it's not working.  I'm using CS5 on a Mac running Snow Leopard (10.6) and I've installed all OS and DW CS5 updates.


      Yes I know about Browser Lab, but I just want to be able to do this within DW to get quick feedback, like I used to way back when.  Safari is not really an adequate substitute for Firefox because it shrinks the fonts in a way no other browser does.