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    Printing in CS5 applications produce stack errors.  Never happened in previous versions of CS


      A good percentage of my files will not print natively from Illustrator/InDesign CS5. I have to convert to PDF.  There isn't any pattern to it, very random.  I already got the new print drivers.  I'm not the only person seeing this issue.  I've been printing with this printer from CS3, CS4 applications for over 2 years now.  What has changed?


      I downloaded the latest PS and PCL drivers from Oki.  It fixed my original printing issue with the document.  That was a few days ago.  I try to print another document today, same problem again, offending command: D Stack 311.254 on second page.  This is from Illustrator 15 and InDesign as well, same document.  I can only print the full document if I save it to a PDF.


      Any other suggestions.