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    Help needed for Notifications

    Dave EFH3

      After compaing many prducts in the category I went with Forms Central because overall it looked like it had the potential to be the best, and I still think that, but I am now very dependent on it and need a few answers if possible.  First of all FormsCentral doesn't seem to show up on Adobe product lists when phoning in for help or in some on-line places.  Is FormsCentral considered an Adobe core product that they are committed to long term?  I've tied phone support 3 times now - and left a callback number and each time they call back and I jst get the recording with music on hold and have waited over an hour each time and still have not had anyone pick up the phone.


      But specific questions related to the product:


      1.  Why can I not have notifications go to an e-mail other than the one registered on the account.   For confirmations you can specify a co-author's email for the reply to field, but why not the same for notifications back to the form owner.  And how can you specify not to use a reply-to addresss at all?


      2.   What kind of backup does Adobe offer on forms and their data in the event of some disaster on the form owner's part.  Is there a way to retrieve the forms and data from a prior date if need be?


      3. When publishing a response results table to a web addreee, how can I put a pssword on it to be required to open it?  I know it has a very unique address and not likely to be seen accidentally by anyone but I have a client who insists on that befoer he will use it.


      4.  A unique ID field option would be nice


      5.  A hidden field on the form results that captures the form filler's IP address would really help too.


      Overall though great product and if you can keep the enhancements coming this product will be tops.

      Many thanks.

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          We apologize for the poor experience you had with our call-in support. We are definitely committed to FormsCentral. If you ever have any questions do not hesitate to post them on this forum or send an email to formscentral_feedback@adobe.com. Both I and the entire product team monitor the forum and that email alias. We are here to help you... your feedback also helps us to build a better product.


          Regarding your questions:

          1. I wrote up a FAQ on how others can receive e-mail notifications. You can read it here: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1424
            • I'm not sure what you mean by this "And how can you specify not to use a reply-to addresses at all?" E-mail notifications only have a no-reply address and submission receipts have an option to turn it off.
          2. The form file has a history. Click the clock in the lower right corner to see it. You can roll back to an earlier version. If you are really worried about data loss you should also save the data out as an Excel file on occasion.


          3. There is no way to put a password on a published form file. You should just share the form file with him and make him a Reader. He would need a username and password to access it and he would see the same thing as the published file.
          4. Good feedback. If you haven't already, you should vote on that in the idea section - someone else has already asked for this feature. This helps us to prioritize.
          5. Why do you need to know the IP address?


          Thanks for your feedback!



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            Killer of Men

            The IP address is a good idea.  We are using the formscentral in a citizen survey and want to make sure we are not getting the same 10 people filling our forms out over and over again.  It's not a privacy issue but a quality of data issue.