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    Kindle Fire Support?

    paulhart83 Level 1



      I am able to side load my APK files to the Kindle Fire however I can't directly publish from Flash Builder. Is there a way to do this or is there support coming soon?



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          We just tried to export and test on the Fire for the first time today. Sadly I don't think it's compatible yet. I did get it to install but when running the app it says "This app requires a newer version of Adobe AIR. Update Adobe Air now?"


          Anyone know if there is a workaround? We'd love to get our apps on this device.



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            paulhart83 Level 1

            I was able to get a build on the Fire using a program called File Expert. It's a pain in the butt however. You have to build the apk, connect the Fire for file transfer, send the file to the device, launch File Expert then install the apk. If you publish to Amazon you have to extract the APK and recomiple it using the command line to update the app store link. It's a huge pain in the butt it'd be nice if Flash Builder had support for the Fire. I didn't have any problems with AIR as the Fire seemed to already have it installed.



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              hi guys. we're trying to get our APKs to even install on the fire. we've been compiling android for air using all of amazon's suggestions.


              Is there a good guide somewhere.

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                spinlight Level 1

                I think we may have finally got one of our apps ready for the Kindle Fire today. You have to create a captive runtime file if you want to used anything above air 2.7.


                I was just happy to see it running on the fire, now we'll find out what Amazon thinks. It's been quite a process to get file in their store.



                We ran into a couple of odd "glitches" that I'd be curious if anyone else has advice for:


                1. Full-screen did hide the top bar and reduce the bottom bar to the collapsed mode, but our scale set to exact fit didn't fill the screen properly. It leaves a bit of space above and below the stage....maybe 15-20 pixels. We just extended all the graphics along the top and bottom edges to compensate. Wish we didn't have to do it this way.


                2. Some of our animations use layer masks with keyframes/timelines. These are hit and miss in quality on the Kindle Fire. Many of them don't draw properly leaving ugly gaps and truncated graphics. The bottoms of the masks often cut off in a straight line rather than the intended shape. The exact same file runs flawless on a Galaxy Tab. Any ideas on this one?