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    PDF to Word Converter

    Write It Up

      Will this PDF to Word converter retain the original line numbers and margin lines from the PDF?

      I produce court transcripts and when I tried to convert it with my CAT software, Word couldn't realize that sometimes you have

      information single spaced and sometimes double spaced, but the line numbers must remain fixed  Does this make sense? 

      (I also need to retain margin lines, headers and footers.)


      For example:                                                  


      This is the proper typed layout:                              And this is what I got:


      1     Case No:  XXX                                                1     Case No: XXX


      2     Appearances:                                                 2     Appearances:


      3     Ms. Lawyer, Esq.                                           3     Ms. Lawyer, Esq.

             Beautiful Street                                              4     Beautiful Street

      4     Wonderful City, State Zip                                5     Wonderful City, State Zip


      Has anybody come across this problem?

      I just want to make sure it works before I purchase a year's subscription.     Thanks!