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    Problem with Matrox Mini, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570, Premiere 5.5.2 and After Effects CS5.5




      We have a couple video workstation PC's in our office.


      Premiere and After Effects have been crashing lately with increasing frequency - about every two minutes now.


      Here is the setup:



      Matrox Mini - Matrox Utility release 5.5.1

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 - Driver release 275.33

      Intel Xeon X5660 2.8 GHz processors

      24 GB Ram



      Adobe CS5.5, specifically...

      After Effects

      Premiere 5.5.2

      Windows 7 64-bit


      We have two 21" LCD monitors in dual display running from the computer, and the Matrox Mini outputs a preview signal to a 15" CRT.


      The crashes occur when I have After Effects and Premiere open at the same time. I am editing in a Matrox 720p29.97 timeline in Premiere. I imported several compositions from AE into Premiere through Dynamic Link and am matching audio with the animations in comps. When I switch back to AE to make an edit in the comp, After Effects generates a crash warning and then gives me the opportunity to save the project under a new name. After saving, it closes down completely. The Matrox WYSIWYG Control Panel in the system tray crashes during AE's crash, disabling the preview to the CRT from Premiere and AE. Since the Premiere sequence is a Matrox preset - in order to have output to the CRT - this freezes the timeline; the video and audio no longer play. When I save and then try to close Premiere, Premiere freezes and will not close without a force quit via the Task Manager.


      In order to deal with this temporarily, I am editing in an AVCHD 720p30 sequence preset in Premiere, which doesn't send a preview feed to the CRT, obviously, since it's not a Matrox preset and the CRT is connected via the Matrox Mini. It's more than a minor inconvenience, since I use the CRT for color accuracy.


      It is frustrating, since we did not have this problem until the recent CS5.5.2 update. We have tried changing drivers for the GTX 570 and changing the Matrox utility software to other versions, but no luck.


      Is there a combination of GTX 570 drivers, Matrox software releases, and AE/Premiere settings that will make this work? I know there are "Known Issue" posts with Nvidia cards on Matrox's website, which include the GTX 570, but, again, this problem started with the Adobe CS5.5.2 update.


      Any help here would be great, and I am willing to provide more information about the system and our crashes if it helps find a solution for the community, as I know this is not an isolated problem after reading Nvidia's, Matrox's, and Adobe's forums. I just can't find a hollistic solution on any of the individual manufacturer's forums.



      Thank You.



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          Magnus Allgurén Level 2

          We have a similar setup with a HPZ800/Quadro 4000?Matrox MXO2 Rack and have been struggling to get Matrox support to solve this issue since March 2011. We have been in touch with them on a biweekly basis.

          Finally we tried a Blackmagic Multibridge and all problems disappeared! The decision has been made to return the Matrox boxes we have and replace them for Blackmagic.


          I am sorry not to be able to offer any other solution at this point!

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            jordanscottprice Level 1

            Are you running CS5.5.2 as well?


            We've had problems off and on with Matrox and CS5 and 5.5, but they never persisted. With 5.5.2, it's almost stopped one of our workstations in its tracks.


            Did Premiere and AE crash for you when you used Matrox? Could you tell Matrox was the issue?



            Thanks for the help!



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              Magnus Allgurén Level 2

              Yes, we are running 5.5.2!

              As soon as we uninstall Matrox everything runs perfectly, no matter Nvidia version of driver or version of CS5.5. As soon as we installed Matrox with the appropriate driver for the version of CS5.5 or 5.5.1 or 5.5.2 the same problems persisted. Matrox engineers have been aware of this issue for at least 8 months and every time they tell us they may have solved things have gone from bad to worse. We have been able to show them our problems in action while they have been logged on to our system and they have received our error dump logs.

              It got to a point that we were not able to run 2 Adobe programs simultaneously, ie Premiere and After Effects, or Premiere and Photoshop or After Effects and Photoshop etc. etc... If we uninstalled Matrox, everything ran fine. Now that there is a Blackmagic running in our system, we have yet to experience a problem in at least 2 weeks. Of course even this will crash every now and then, which is more or less expected, but at least not 10 or 15 times a day!

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                jordanscottprice Level 1

                Awesome. Thanks for your help! This has saved us a lot of headache, aside from the frustration of trying to make CS5.5, Matrox, and Nvidia all play nice.


                Time to look into Black Magic, I guess.




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                  shooternz Level 6

                  Here is my "holistic " solution because I have been down the Matrox and the BM route  for monitoring ....and gave up on it a long time ago out of frustration of the sheer hell it brings to being an editor as well as keeping this crap stable and efficient.


                  I use a single monitor interface for the PPRO  GUI and a second one for monitoring.  Simply a Win 7 ,CS5.5,Nvidia ..playing nicely together. Easy.


                  Forget about CRT monitoring and interfacing with them. What's the point of CRT monitors in a world that does not view on CRTs and does not even make them any more ???


                  Latest technology is single GUI for the apps ( eg Da Vinci Resolve, Flame etc..) on a large  "real estate" monitor.  THat frees up a second monitor that all cards have for uses of your design.  ie monitoring.

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                    Daxman1965 Level 1



                    I have tried the Matrox mini with max and is slowed the machine down and every time Adobe has a update it took Matrox months to get up to speed and by the time they release the new drivers then Adobe release anoher update and you back to square one. I use a BM ultra studio pro and for the the last 4 or 5 updates they still have problems with certain things but it is better than Matrox. The problem with these third party IO system is they do not cater for all of us and the problem is we purchase the product under the impression it works. I wish I could get my system to work the way shooternz does it would make life alot better. We still do alot of DV Cam work so at this time I still use the BM IO for monitoring.





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                      jordanscottprice Level 1



                      That definitely sounds like a quick fix. However, we use CRT's for a few reasons.


                      For one, they are SMPTE-calibrated, so we use them to determine color accuracy, which is important for what we do, as well as maintaining color continuity between workstations. Granted, no two CRT's are the same, but it helps. We also use the CRT's as client monitors when we bring in SME's to view our work, since the final product will either play on a TV set or in a highly compressed flash video on our intranet. The unforgiving low resolution and color of the CRT helps us - the media developers - determine how our audience will likely see the videos, which is important to have, say, if there's too much fine detail in the video; our 21" Samsung LCD's just make too many micro-corrections and aren't calibrated to match each other, so they're better suited for us spanning Premiere, Photoshop, and After Effects windows across 40 inches of screen. The CRT then acts as a preview and client monitor, which is just as important.


                      We also record voice over for almost every video we make, and we use Matrox for the audio capture. So, going simple and scrapping any Matrox/Blackmagic I/O would probably not be the best solution.


                      Our plan is to maintain the status quo for now to wrap up a few projects, and then we'll try to roll back drivers to a state where things worked. That's the thing - we didn't have problems just a couple weeks ago; all of these issues are new and came after the 5.5.2 update. We've had slight problems with Matrox and Adobe crashes, but that's almost expected with what we do, and it's never slowed us down to a crawl like this has. We're looking into Blackmagic I/O...



                      Thanks for all the help!



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                        Glitchdog Level 1

                        We're looking at the same solution, to monitor in some way we can do a proper set-up, though currently I cannot afford a highend HD monitor. For us though, our delievery is all on the web now. I do like shooternz setup, he had a pic of it on another post I read and he's able to do a general setup from what I understand. We are doing something like that short-term. Here's my 2 cents worth.


                        We had a matrox editbay years ago (linear) and I've read tons of posts from folks like you that are suffering currently, I know people that have Black Magic and I hear horror stories. Personally I'd stay as far away as I could from both.


                        We had a Kona LHe on a MacPro previously editing in FCP7, though others found AJA quite stable (friends with editbays locally) we had problems, but I think it had more to do with our previous codec, HDV edited natively. For some reason it didn't play well w/LHe. We removed the card. Although I'm not 100% happy with how our situation played out I have found AJA support some of the best I have experienced in the industry. We are considering an LHe Plus or i.


                        I think an ideal solution would be for Adobe to partner with a company like AJA, or someone, to build a stable solution. Unfortuntely, and I don't mean this at all to put down PCs, but there is no way I can see for something like this to work on every PC, custom built or engineered. To many variables. The Mac would be easier and then they'd have to test a couple of engineered PCs and do a partnership there as well.


                        Blah, blah.....OK I'll stop there

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                          tvoman63 Level 1

                          Anyone has any update on when Matrox and/or Adobe will actually be able to work together. I'm going through the same situation here as described above but the only difference is that this other machine is running MX02 LE with MAX with NVIDIA Quadro 4000.

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                            Glitchdog Level 1

                            I would look on the Matrox site as well. They have a users group you can see what people are posting. Personally I'd seriously consider looking into something else. I know, easy for me to say, but how much time are you wasting trying to fix an issue that seems to be bad engineering at the every least from the posts I've read?


                            We are currently using our older Kona LHe with PP 5.5 on the lastest MacPro 8core, Quadro 4000 and it's working extremely well. Zero crashes in any Adobe products and zero OS crashes. At the moment I am only using the Kona for audio and relying more on my scopes for doing basic color correction/grading and levels.

                            All the best!

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                              jojejo Level 2

                              You are asking for a running system... well mine is running with some crashes caused by martox (lets say only 2-5 a day). So it could be worse!

                              Win 7, CS5.5 without any updates, GTX 285, Matrox MXO 2LE with the appropriate driver for 5.5 (don't use CS 5.5.2 with matrox, it's a no-go)

                              and don't use the WYSIWYG preview for AE while you have premiere with a matrox sequence running. And rebooting the whole system after half a day is allways good for premiere.


                              Good luck!

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                                FelixUnderwood Level 2

                                I've been running with Matrox for years, starting with the Axio LE. I do 75% broadcast work and find that the Matrox works very well with my kind of workflow. Monitoring is critical and since we have to deal with 3rd. party solutions, Matrox was my pick dating way back to 2006. Sure I've had frustrations with it, but I've made far more money off Matrox than frustration.

                                   Here's my nearly crash-free setup:


                                Gigabyte GZ-X58A-OC moboard

                                Intel 990X (only overclocking to 4.0)

                                24Gb of Kingston HyperX Ram

                                GTX580 Graphics Card

                                Matrox MXO2-LE w/Max

                                Crucial 240Gb Sata III drive (the one that has a nearly perfect score on Newegg's site)

                                2 x 2Tb WD Blacks Raid 0

                                2 x 1Tb WD Blacks Raid 0

                                Win 7 Ultimatte (it's a high-end version of Windows that's great for keying!)

                                CS5.5 Suite

                                Boris Red 5

                                Boris Continuum Complete 8

                                Trapcode Shine, Form, 3d Stroke, Starglow, and Particular

                                Optical Flares by Video CoPilot


                                   The reason I list all of that software, is that it all seems to get along together, including with Matrox! So, I can't say I highly endorse Matrox because I've never tried Black Magic or running an external monitor off of my video card.

                                    I use After Effects with all sorts of plug ins and rarely have crashes. If I put in a long day I'll have the usual crashes here and there (mainly with PremierePro), but nothing that has required evan a soft reboot of the computer.

                                   My frustration with Matrox is mainly the delay that often comes with Adobe coming out with a new release and Matrox taking 2 or 3 months to catch up, though when Adobe went from 5 to 5.5, there was no delay at all.

                                   I think that a lot of the people who trash Matrox probably haven't used a Matrox product in years. But before you listen to me, I must confess that I was an early adopter (and advocate) of SSDs and even today, many people on this forum think they're still a waste of money!

                                   I'll close by simply saying that I've not left Matrox after 5+ years, but keep in mind I haven't had the bad experiences that so many others seem to have had, but again, perhaps they had those bad experiences long ago.

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                                  Magnus Allgurén Level 2

                                  I have been using Matrox since late 90's. Started with their DigiSuite, which worked great never a problem! Then we upgraded to Axio, before it was SD/HD combined so we had two boxes. One for SD and one for HD, having to switch and uninstall/install depending on project format. Even so, never one hitch, rock solid! Then, with CS5 we did a complete system upgrade together with the move to MXO2. Unfortunately it never worked properly for us on both of our systems, even after replacing the MXO's... So after almost a year of dealing with Matrox support, which has been really frustrating, we decided to move on. It's unfortunate since we had had over 10 years of great experience with them!


                                  The funny thing is that any other 3rd party plugin or software we have on there is Video CoPilot Optical Flares, which seems to work fine for you. Maybe there is a combination of our HP Z800 and Matrox that doesn't jive, I'm not sure. Anyhow, no-one seems to be able to figure out what the problem may be and we could just not afford waiting any longer as the warranty will be up in a month and no more support after that.


                                  I am happy that it's working well for you and hope it stays that way!