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    InDesign is open but can't access anything

    posterns Level 1

      I've been having a problem with InDesign and all the CS5 programs lately, where the program is open (shows it is open on the Dock), but when I click on the Dock icon I can't get the program to become active -- that is, if I'm in Apple Mail or Safari and want to switch to InDesign, nothing happens -- can't see any menu items, etc. If I do a cmd-opt-esc is shows all the CS5 apps as "not responding." This has been happening on and off recently and have tried int he past to trash preferences for individual programs but it keeps coming back. I thought an upgrade to to Lion might help, but still having the same problem.


      Anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this. So far I've been having to fore quit and restart a program to make it work.