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    AMC error when importing from PP

    NixSoul Level 1

      From PP CS5 to AME CS5 on a PC (Windows 7 (64-bit), i7 930, 18GB Ram)


      Any video format I try to encode... and TO any format will get this error.

      When I export to AME, AME will spawn but the project will not load. When I go to load it by hand [file>Add Premiere Pro Sequence] the project will load, but will remain with a "waiting" status.


      Then, when I close AME, I get this error message "Adobe Media Encoder has encountered an error. [...\...\Src\Core\DataWriter.cpp-226]"


      I'm fairly certain I caused this problem a few days ago.  I had multiple things running in the queue and my computer was running REALLY unusually slow, so I checked out what processes were sucking the most memory, and of course AME was up there.  Google Desktop was up there too, so I closed that down. But there was also a process that I seem to recall was started by Premiere Pro that was sucking a lot of memory. I figured since I was done with Premiere for the day, I'd stop that.

      Immediately after I did, the currently running AME project got an error. I realized my mistake. And none of the others in the queue would start.


      I was done for the day anyway, so I shut everything down and figured the problem would fix itself with a reboot the next day.  No such Luck...


      I've since combed the online forums for a solution... no luck. Any Ideas?