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    Is HTML5 Pack compatible with Adobe Illustrator v 15.1.0?


      I just got the latest CS5.5 Web Premium.

      It has Adobe Illustrator version 15.1.0 (not 15.0.1)

      I need to create multiple art boards and export each as SVG.

      I have Win7/64bit.


      Considering all the install issues other users are suffering, and I am having a good share already, is it safe to install the HTML5 pack?

      Is it even necessary?



      Bonus Question:

      How do I export each artboard as SVG?


      The only video I found said to choose export > Save as type: SVG and select [x] Use Artboards.

      But there is no option for Save as type: SVG


      In case it could have been changed in my version I looked into Save As > Save as type: SVG

      But the checkbox for "Use Artboards" is disabled.


      I hope installing the HTML5 pack will enable these options but my level of confidence is faltering.