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    Import PDF Documents into RoboHelp


      I'm attempting to import a PDF file (I've tested with several different files and none of them are protected); however, when I select "Create new topic(s) based on style(s)", I receive the error message, "Due to the complex formatting of the selected PDF file, you must choose the option to "Convert as absolutely positioned HTML."


      I then attempted to import it with the option "Create new topic for each PDF page" - "Convert as absolutely positioned HTML" and I receive a "Failed to Convert" error message. I've attempted all of the conversion options, but continue to receive error messages.


      Guidance on how to successfully import a PDF file into my RoboHelp project would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you,



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Welcome to our community


          As you have seen, sometimes the manner in which a PDF has been created doesn't lend itself to easily importing into RoboHelp.


          As with anything import-wise, I always admonish my class participants that a decision needs to be made regarding the content you want. You need to answer the following questons:


          • Do I want to simply import and afterwards forget that the file I'm importing ever existed as (PDF, Word, Whatever) and from here forward, I will only ever make updates to content using RoboHelp?


          • Do I want to simply present a PDF leaving it as PDF and not converting to a RoboHelp topic.


          • Do I want to continue making edits using Word or whatever and have RoboHelp pull in the changes?


          The way you answer these questions will determine the way you need to work with the content. For example, often you simply want to present a PDF and you really don't care to edit the content later, just add the PDF as a Baggage File and link to it. If it changes later, simply replace the existing file with the new one and all will be well.


          Hopefully this was helpful... Rick


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