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    New image files missing in target directory


      I'm using RoboHelp on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1, and the build environment for our product uses the same version of RoboHelp on Windows Server 2008 (and uses rhcl for command-line help generation). The topic in question was created directly in RoboHelp HTML, and the images were captured and manipulated using RoboScreenCapture.


      When I generate a WebHelp layout on my machine, everything's fine -- the files are all there and everything displays correctly. When the build environment does the same thing, four PNG image files are missing from the compiled help. These are new images, added to a new help topic. The images and the topic have all been added to the RoboHelp project, and they've been checked in to our source control system.


      Any ideas on why these images (and only these images) are failing to be transferred properly?  Diagnosis on this end suggests it's a RoboHelp issue, since no system changes have happened since the last time we (successfully) added new file.


      Has anyone encountered this behavior?