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    Check-In of Brush, Symbol, Swatch Libraries from AI not working as expected

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      I am developing a custom connector for Adobe Drive. A large number of our users are Adobe Illustrator users.  From within AI, the user can save a Brush, Symbol, or Swatch library as a file to one of our Adobe Drive shared folders.  When this happens, the user sees the standard Check-In dialog prompting for the version comment.  After entering the comment and pressing "OK", the file is saved locally to the Adobe Drive folder, but my connector's CheckInHandler.execute() method is never getting called.  In other words, the user expectation is that the Swatch, Symbol, etc. library file has been checked into our system, but it never is.  To actually check in the file I have to open the Adobe Drive folder in Windows Explorer and check-in the file from the right-click menu.  This problem behavior only exists for the Library files.  I can save/check-in new and updated versions of the main AI file into our Adobe Drive folders as expected (e.g., using the File -> Check In menu command).


      So my questions are:

      1) Is this behavior reproducible by others and/or is it a known issue?  It's been reproduced consistently in-house.

      2) What is the intended behavior for saving Brush/Symbol/Swatch library files to Adobe Drive folders from within Adobe Illustrator?  It seems like it should either not prompt for a Version Comment, forcing the user to check-in from Explorer/Finder, or (ideally) would prompt for a comment and complete the check-in process like it does for the main AI file.  To show the Version Comment dialog but not actually have the file get checked in is confusing to the user.

      3) Any suggestions for solving or working around the issue?



      Thanks in advance,