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    Flash Builder 4.6 has stopped all advanced editing features


      Yesterday Flash Builder 4.6 was working fine. Then something that I did late yesterday has rendered the Flash Builder editor "brain dead".  It is little more that a type writer.  It does not go to the definition of variables when f3 is press.  Hightlighting a variable does not hightlight all occurances of that variable. The Outline view is empty.  It does not provide a combo box of possible functions when the period (.) is pressed.  As I said it is little more than a typewriter.  I have uninstalled it along with eclipse, rebooted and re-installed both Eclipse and Flash Builder and still the same.  I have a co-worker who just installed Flash Builder for the first time yesterday and she is experiencing the very same thing.  What is going on and how do I/we fix it?