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    Please help: Need to set Indesign CS4 as default instead of CS5.5




      Several of us work with Creative Suite software and we are on CS4, primarily for InDesign. Because we sometimes receive files that are created in newer versions, we have purchased one copy of CS5.5 to tie us over until CS6 is released, at which point we will all upgrade. Before purchasing, I did some research and found that you can have two versions of InDesign reside on the same computer. However, having now installed it, and being offered no options to counter it during the install, I find that any INDD file will automatically open in CS5.5. No questions, no options, just 5.5. "That's fine," I thought, "I'll just reset the default program to CS4."


      The problem is, I browse for the EXE for CS4 and select this, but am still told that the default is CS5.5. Please help me find a way to open as default in CS4, because otherwise it is a nightmare for the one worker with it installed, who only requires it to backward convert a few files.


      Secondary question - if this is not possible, it is a bug that I cannot believe has not been discussed for trials, and I will remove it. Will the files then revert the remaining CS4 installation?


      Thank you for any help you can give,