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    redistribute draw input to multiple selected bitmaps in a layer/layers?

    eriqire9 Level 1

      Hi all


      I am very new here but have one really important question for me...

      First off: I am painter/scatcher/ilustrator (or how to name it..sorry guys, my english is really bad) and came to a point where I need to have two bitmaps one above other with almost the same content EXCEPT the one on top is just stroke with no fill and the bottom one is stroke with fill - this way I am able to have my strokes still clearly intact independently from possible fill mismatch that may occur during such drawing (for example: if you ever tried to fill any drawing you have to play with its atributes and there are several times when you need to hange the color as the project grows...but then after many re-fillings you notice that the stroke line becomes more and more thinner, blury etc. (I know about "Preserve transparency" radiobutton but it is no help if one sets Tolerance value too high and let's say he was not aware of...), simply put> you need to redraw those lines again and so on and on...pretty unnoying as hell; ...or ju just simply want to have the stroke intact by filling which may pretty often happen depending on tolerance value one set when filling color may cut a bit from actual stroke etc.).


      I know I can easily do this by duplicating my first drawing (scatch/stroke only) and let the first one be filled with colours etc and the second left alone as it is (just the stroke intself) BUT all the time I face the fact that as being in process of creation such drawing I almost all the time need to RESTROKE/RE-SCATCH some parts of the image, so the way mentioned before do not work here cos it would be almost imposible to draw two identical changes on those two separate bitmaps in a layer/s.


      So my final question/suggestion: do FW CS5 support any kind of "redistributed input" to all selected bitmaps/layers?


      That way I would be able to redraw both bitmaps at the same time at once so the chages would be 1:1 in both!!! Let's say It could be in a form of another small icon in layers pane at the end of every bitmap line so one could interactively decide which one - and when - he wants to send input to, so one could make it on/off independently anytime (I want to make changes in both bitmaps at the same time but let all the others intact? OK, no problem: one would set "on" only those 2 bitmaps, make his changes, and then set them "off" again to edit them separately as before).


      Please, help...!