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    D7000 - Plug-in


      I have just bought a Nikon D7000 - my computer works on CS3 and I cannot open the raw files from my camera. When I looked to update my plug-in the website is telling me that I need CS5 - is there a way around this problem??

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          Mollysnoot Level 3

          If you take a look at the FAQ at the top of this forum then you'll find your answer.


          (You need to click on the 'overview tab' to see the FAQ by the way. Here's the link: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/311515?tstart=0)



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            lindaellenmurphy Level 1

            Thanks for getting back to me - I had a look at that page but it is telling me I need Camera Raw 4.6 for CS3 which I have but it will not open my new raw files from my new camera D7000. To get the latest raw files plug-in for the D7000 it is telling me I need CS5. So am I right in thinking that everytime you buy a new camera you also have to buy a update for photoshop??? This just doesn't seem right there most be a way around it.


            Can anyone please help



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              lindaellenmurphy Level 1

              I have just been looking up the forms - first time using this site, anyway I found my answer I think which is I cannot be done. I installed dng 4.6 last night and it works fine but I just thought there has to be an simplier way of doing it in photoshop directly like before. I cannot believe you have to buy CS3 also. It would make you think twice about buying a new camera if everytime you do you have to upgrade your photoshop. What a money rackett!!!!!!!!!!



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                Mollysnoot Level 3

                Yes, DNG conversion is the way to go if you want to avoid purchasing a newer version of Photoshop, as the FAQ I pointed to you states.


                I understand you thinking that it's a money racket (plenty of others seem to take this view in various forums), but actually, I don't personally think of it like that... Once a new version of PS is released, Adobe cease to support the older version: makes sense really, they can't keep supporting multiple versions of an application forever. Whenever a new camera is released that allows the user to directly access its raw files, Adobe have to "reverse engineer" the data produced in the raw file so that they can add support for that camera model to ACR/Lightroom. This, as I understand it, takes quite a bit of time and effort to keep on top of. As they've only committed to supporting the latest versions of PS/ACR/LR, earlier versions such as CS3 (released April 2007 and supported upto the release of CS4 in October 2008), any camera released after they stop supporting the version of PS you chose to use will not be supported - simple really. The D7000 (I have one, fine camera!) came out in late 2010, so you can see the problem here. Each new camera has unique characteristics, primarily because of the sensor itself, and so will therefore generate unique (or fairly unique) raw data. For example, the D90 raw output will be quite different to the D7000 raw output.


                Hope this helps.



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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  If DNG converter 4.6 will convert your files, then ACR 4.6 should open the original raw files as long as it is installed correctly.  Make sure that you have ONLY 4.6 installed.  The DNG converter is provided to enable you to use an older version of Photoshop with newer cameras.  Of course, others have additional reasons for converting to DNG.


                  When a new version of Photoshop is released, all support for the previous version stops.  There will be no more updates for the version of Camera Raw that is supported by that version.  The only way you can use the latest version of ACR is to have the current release of a program that utilizes it (for example, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements).  I highly doubt that that policy is ever going to change.  Those who don't like to have to pay for all of the upgrades continuously complain about that policy.  It seems to be just an exercise in futility.

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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    lindaellenmurphy wrote:


                    It would make you think twice about buying a new camera if everytime you do you have to upgrade your photoshop. What a money rackett!!!!!!!!!!


                    Interesting perspective.


                    You're willing to buy an expensive new state-of-the-art camera, but you don't think that spending a few more $$$ to buy new state-of-the-art software that makes it convenient to work with its images is reasonable.  Hey, no one's twisting your arm to use any Adobe software - you must think it's valuable all on your own.


                    Note the free DNG converter, proposed above, which does allow you to use your old Photoshop software with no additional expense (but slightly less convenience).



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                      Yammer Level 4

                      The earliest version of Camera Raw to support the D7000 is ACR 6.3, which works only with CS5.


                      To open your raw files in CS3 for free, all you need is DNG Converter 6.6 (always download the latest version), and make sure it's configured to produce compatible files for your version of Camera Raw. It looks like you've wisely updated to the latest available Camera Raw for CS3, which is ACR 4.6.


                      Unfortunately, using an old version of ACR denies you some nifty tools like  (ACR5) Local Adjustments, Targetted Adjustment Tool, (ACR 6) Lens Corrections, and PV2010 Sharpening and Noise Reduction.  ACR 4.5+ does support DNG camera profiles, and these may be installed by DNG Converter 6.6, but I don't know if you can select a D7000 profile this way (anyone?). You can always make your own with a ColorChecker card and DNG Profile Editor (also free).


                      So, Adobe does give you a way to open new raw formats with old software for free--it's just an extra step in your workflow: convert to DNG first by drag-and-dropping your uploaded raw files onto a DNG Converter icon. Otherwise, you have three choices for an easier life:

                      Upgrade to CS5/CS6 (out soon-ish)

                      Buy the latest Photoshop Elements (reduced feature set in ACR)

                      Buy Lightroom (ACR/Bridge with bells on it, and an integrated DNG Converter)

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                        JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Just to clarify, you don't need to use the DNG converter version that corresponds to your version of ACR.  You always want to use the latest version of the DNG converter.  Currently that is version 6.6.  It will convert raw files from the most cameras, and those DNG files can be made compatible with all versions of ACR from version 2.4 onward.  ACR will have every option that is available in your current version.  What you won't have are all the improvements/changes that have been made in later versions.