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    Introducing: Open Multi-Page PDF win/mac

    CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Hi all, many users have expressed their desire for a way to open multipage PDFs in Illustrator and for a couple of years now, mac users have enjoyed the use of a script by Shane Stanley to do just that...at first I wanted to translate his script into VB so PC users could benefit from it...since I couldn't get the source code, I decided to give my own version a try using JS....here's the result.


      Use with caution, save everything before running until you're comfortable it won't mess things up. I didn't try opening a crazy amount of pages, I "only" opened 35 in about minute and a half. Let us know how many pages you're able to open before you crash Illustrator...


      it works with CS4 and CS5 only, windows and mac


      have comments?, questions? let me know...enjoy. Carlos Canto









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