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    Find People PROBLEMS?


      Am I asking too much? 

      If I have photographs with my childern from age 1 through 40 in them, do you think I am confusing the software? 

      Should I sequence the search from age one on up, at say, one year increments? 

      When you tell it to IGNORE is it just for that pass? 

      Why does it constantly miss the obvious, known, face and ask about the bend in the chair that is not even a person?

      What does it look for? 

      Is there a better way to TAG People?

      I have read the manual and found no help.

      Thank you in advance.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          I always tag people manually with a key word. I’ve turned off face recognition and auto-analysis and things generally run much more quickly. I never get bothered with “Who is this?“ If it’s only family and not tagging photos for clients is not such a big job.


          Facial recognition software is still relatively new and has some development way to go.



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            Flagelpater Level 1

            Thank you 99jon.  I understand how to Not use an advertised feature.  I am trying to find out if I am the Only One having a problem with the software Not being able to Find Faces For Tagging.  Based on the number of reply's what you are doing appears to be the most popular decision.  I think Adobe has a basic software problem in that it always provides a list of Least Probable faces instead of the Most Probable!  I think the guy that wrote the code has it pointing to the wrong list.  It always shows the Face of the person associated with the Last Search, not the Present Search.  It does work for about 50% of the faces on the first pass, then it just stalls out from there on.

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              andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee



              I beg to differ. I have PSE10 and its people recognition works just fine. Ofcourse side profiles and images taken over different years for a person are not recognised well, which is acceptable considering the fact that face recognition s/w does have some limitations as of now.


              Can you please elaborate what workflow you are aiming at?




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                Flagelpater Level 1

                First of all, thank you for your reply.  You are the first that I have seen listing that it works properly.  I am familiar with people recognition with other software such as Windows.  It works very well and that is what I would expect from Adobe.  I am hoping there is something I am doing wrong or a setup problem.

                I have about 30,000 family photos including about 70% without people in them.  The people include about 100 different characters.  About 50% are adults only and the balance are infants grown to age 40.  I would expect the adults only group to work better but it does Not.  I get copies of the same photo where it found the person in one but not the other.  Both have the same file name but are in different folders.  The folders were automatically found by PE10.  I have a lot of photos with faces found that are 10 times smaller than faces Not found in the same photo.  Also a lot of sub folders that have never been automatically found.  Other sub folders within the same parent folder were found.


                When I manually search for faces it seems to be working but not more than 50% on each photo.  I have let it dwell more than 10 minutes on one file just to give it time, no help.


                When in manual search the keystroke requirement is not consistent either.  Sometimes I need to hit the enter key to make it advance and other times it will advance when I mouse over to another face square.


                What other INFO would you need to further check my procedure?


                Thank you in advance.

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                  Dallas Raby

                  I have used PSE 9 and several versions before that. Compared to Picasa, face recognition in PSE has always been difficult to use and excruciatingly inaccurate. Lately it has stopped working completely. It tells me that all my selected photos have been tagged when they are not. I just upgraded to 10 to see if it would be any better and it is not.


                  I have been using Picasa for face recognition because it works so beautifully. Very accurate and easy to use. it recognizes children and grandchildren from infancy through adult – at an angle and in profile. I added keywords corresponding to the recognized faces, hoping they would carry over into PSE. However, I find that the keyword shows up in the metadata in PSE, but does not appear as a keyword tag in the Library browser. (Why not?) It's not a good solution.


                  I don't know if this starts a productive line of thinking for anyone, but I sure would appreciate any help that's available.

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                    andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee



                    What exactly do you mean by Library browser?

                    Which version of PSE you have? Are you talking about Keyword Tags panel in the right hand side of the Organizer window?

                    The tags you have embedded in image metadata in Picasa should be present in the keyword tags panel under Imported keyword tags category.




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                      Dallas Raby Level 1

                      I am using PSE 10. By Library browser, I meant simply the main organizer page. As you say, I have found that the tags added in Picasa do show up in the "imported keyword tags". That may have been happening in PSE 9 also and I just didn't notice it.


                      However, the program still does not recognize any faces. When I ask it to find faces for tagging, it tells me that there are no faces to tag or that all of my faces have been tagged, even though there are obviously thousands of untagged faces in the photos.

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                        andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee


                        You can try one thing in case EO is not recognizing people faces in your catalog.
                        Go to location C:\Users\afatima\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Elements Organizer\10.0\Organizer and rename the two files-





                        Now in EO, repair and optimize your catalog by clicking File >> Catalog and selecting your catalog.


                        After doing this, try running Face recognition on some of the media and then all. See if it recognizes faces present in your catalog. Do let me know what happened on trying this.




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                          Dallas Raby Level 1

                          No luck. I renamed them



                          After optimizing, I still get the message, "congratulations, you have tagged all the photos in your selection" after selecting all 101,000 photos in my Catalog.

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                            andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

                            Can you please create a new catalog and import a few images and then try running face recognition on these images?

                            For this, click File >> Catalog >> New. Once it open the new catalog, import some media out of your 101k images.


                            Do let me know if it is able to recognise faces in this subset of images in a new catalog.




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                              Dallas Raby Level 1

                              Bingo! This did the trick. So I went ahead and imported all of my media into the new catalog and it recognized all of the tags. It was a good opportunity to clean up my tags and reorganize the hierarchy. Then I deleted my old catalog in PSE.


                              However, this has created another problem. PSE is busily synchronizing my new catalog with my Photoshop.com library, but it has not deleted the old catalog. So now I am bumping up against my limit in Photoshop.com. Am I going to have to delete everything on Photoshop.com and start over?

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                                andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

                                I guess yes..


                                <saw your post really late..sorry for that>