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    Do you know why the <span style="color: Transparent;"> build tag is set in topics as if by magic?



      We are using Robohelp 9 -

      It happens that some topics contain the <span style="color: Transparent;"> build tag.

      It seems that RH9 sets this tag by its own. We do not manage such tags.

      We come upon this while viewing one of our compiled CHM files. There was a big empty space inside a paragraph.

      We opened and found that the text was present. Using the HTML view, we discovered that the empty space in the CHM file corresponded to a paragraph included in the <span style="color: Transparent;"> build tag.

      For example, this morning, looking at a topic of another CHM file, we found When the tool runs,. The rest of the sentence was included in a <span style="color: Transparent;"> build tag.


      This is extremely annoying, as we do not know that this tag is set, until we discover it. We ar elikely to deliver doc with missing information without knowing it, until a customer complains.

      Has anyone encountered this or has an idea about this? How can we prevent RH9 from setting this tag?


      Thanks for your help