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    Cannot install IPA using standard packing in Flash Builder 4.6 (Air 3.1)


      I have created a hello world application that does not use any external resources (it just draws a box to the screen) and I cannot get it to be installed to any of my iDevices (iPod touch 5G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, all run IOS 4 or above) using standard packing in Flash Builder 4.6 .


      When I try to install the IPA file using the iPhone Configuration Utility it comes up with the error:

      "Could not install application on device. Error: a signed resource has been added, modified or deleted."


      If I use the fast packing option within Flash Builder then I do not get any errors and the application installs  works on all devices. The problem using this option is that I want to run some performance tests and obviously using fast packing option will not give me real world data.


      I am using Windows 7 for my development - I do not own a Mac.


      My certificates and provisions are fine as I have double checked them.


      Therefore can others get standard packing to work in Flash Builder 4.6 (Air 3.1) on Windows 7? If so can anyone suggest fixes for my problem please?