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    Range of Debugging IP Addresses


      I was wondering if there was a way to add a range of IPs to the "Debugging IP Addresses" page in the CF Administrator.  I would like to use this feature to keep most unwanted people from seeing the messages, but everyone who needs access is using dynamic IP addresses or is using a VPN so I can't have a set list of a few IPs.  For example, could I add something like 123.123.*.*   ? 




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          Dave Watts ACP

          No, I don't think it will let you use anything except actual IP addresses. You could accomplish what you want in code pretty easily, though, by enabling debug output universally then disable it using the CFSETTING tag and a bit of conditional logic.


          That said, you should not of course have debugging enabled in production as it will significantly degrade performance - whether users see the debug output or not.


          Dave Watts, CTO, Fig Leaf Software

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            mwilliams162 Community Member

            Thank you for your solution.  That should work just fine.  This is on a development server, and we have debugging disabled on production.