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    Black Bar removal

    pk4ut Level 1

      How do you remove the black bars on the long side of iPhone video? I'm converting video to .flv for a Dreamweaver site, and would like to trim the black bar that runs along the long sides of the video. Thanks

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          The black bars are from caputing into an editing program or displaying in a video player set to the wrong aspect ratioor display size  for that particular video.

          If the video is captured with black bars, they become part of the video file itself and can only be removed by cropping the video.

          If the problem is only in the video player display, they can be removed by setting the correct dimensions for the video player.

          If black bars appear on the sides of the video, the video player height is not great enough to allow the video to stretch out to both sides... hence the black bars on the sides.

          If the black bars are on the bottom and top, it's because the width of the display is not great enough to allow the video to stretch out full width...hence bars appear top and bottom.

          If the bars are a part of the video, you can "crop" out those bars using the Adobe Flash Media Encoding and setting the crop area, look in the "Advanced Setting" tab.

          Best of luck!


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            pk4ut Level 1

            Many thanks. I can make the adjustment with the information supplied by your answer.