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    Would you do a major project in LR4 right now? (looking for feedback - I am not ranting)...


      I have a major project this week where over 6 days I wil need to generate a couple of hundred keepers and produce slide show from them for an incentive trips awards banquet. I am not interested or concerned about using LR4 or LR3 for the slide show, I have a seperate workflow in FC7. The photos also upon my return to states are also posted to a photo sharing site for the members of the incentive trip to download for their personal use. This puts a premium of on metadata and keywording.


      I am an enthusiast shooting Olympus E-5 and have used LR4 since the Beta to process some weekend projects. I have found that Process 2012 is, as promised is much better at dealing with highlights and shadows and prefer how the process deals with ORF files. Much truer colors with less tweaking. For whatever reason, Process 2010 never has dealt as well as my taste would like with the E-5's RAW files. Never hd this issue with my previous 4/3 Oly bodies. Needess to say LR 4 for my needs was/is a big hit with me so far.


      My apprehension is if it is wise to create a 3000 plus image catalog over one week in LR4 Beta, betting that the catalogs will migrate to LR 4 1.0 when the Beta is over. And if there are bugs I have not encountered that would slow me down so much that the reduced work in tweaking RAWs in LR4 versus LR3 would not be worth it? (note- I have been doing redudant saves of the RAW files with my smaller projects but potentially losing as big a catalog as this project takes would be a pain even ifI had redudant original RAW. This is BTW work I am doing that while not "professionally" it is for my employer."


      I am seeking opinions here because I am really on the fence. Be gentle those of you who are far more experienced in these matters than I am.


      Thanks in advance for your help!