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    relative vs. absolute fileNames

    Opera Rat Level 1
      I just ran into a problem that I never had before, and I haven't done anything different. I have some of my casts and movies in Folder A and then a subfolder has more casts and movies. I sent the files to someone as a projector and when they ran the program it said it could find the cast members on drive H:\folder1\folder2\ ...(which is the drive they are on on my computer). It asked this for every cast, even if it was in the same directory as the projector. (he saved everything on his computer in a folder and then the subfolders had the same names as I used). Why would the projector be looking for an absolute file name and not just /subfolder/file? And if this is normal, how do you put casts in subfolders and have the projector know where they are? What have I done now?