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    Opening a Photoshop smart object file in Illustrator looks horrible (antialiasing problem)


      Hello all,

      This problem is killing me and I really wish I had done this logo in Illustrator, but I didn't now I have to suffer. Help!

      I am doing a freeland job for a friend so I am not all that and a bag of chips with Illustrator. I am better at Photoshop but I need the vector, so I did my logo in photoshop and created a smart object out of it. I saved a version as a tiff and one as a jpg. My friend is creating his own leaflet in Word and the logo works beautifully there. I am creating a flyer for him in Illustrator and the logo is aliased in Photoshop but when I put it in Illustrator it looks antialiased and bad. He also has a little cheapy yahoo sitebuilder website until I create a website for him and the same logo(jpg) will not open in the yahoo site for him. I work and go to school so I don't have the time to recreated the logo in illustrator. It looks really good the way it is until I put it in Illustrator. Any ideas? please?


      Thanks to anyone that answers this question, and kudos for taking time out of your busy day to calm my angst( or add to it)please don't add to it...