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    Institutional Adobe Story

    F. Dixon Nahrwold

      First let me say that Story is galactically awesome.


      I'm a student in a vocational film program at Salt Lake Community College in Utah.  Our program is rapidly growing, and the department is in the process of switching from Final Cut Studio to Adobe products.  Consequently, I've been experimenting with Story and have already found it immensely helpful, and I have been trying to prod the faculty into exploring it further.  We currently use celtx, which is great, but I am curious as to the possible future for institutional lisence setups after this April 12th change.  I will likely pay any subscription fee, as I am in the process of building the resources for a small production company, but I would like to see future students learning on high quality tools so that the program produces people I want to work with.


      Is there info in regards to this online already that I missed?  Is there anything in the works for this?  Does Adobe want to pay me to be a local rep?  Is Decakrd a replicant?  All questions I need answered!