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        TradeWind Level 3

        Hi Goomi...what software package did you choose to replace Adobe?

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          Goomi Level 1

          Since most of my work is in web design and front-end development I am going to use Coda instead of Dreamweaver and Axure instead of Fireworks. I still use Lightroom 3 for my digital assets and use Premiere every now and then even though most of the features I need are build-in to iMovie and even directly in YouTube (if I upload content there).


          I use CS3 now and can't find any reason to change.


          In a freelance gig I currently working at I have a beast Mac desktop with 4 quad core xeon processors and CS5.5 has the same old buggy issues. so what's the point?

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            Roberio Oliveira Level 1

            Hope Adobe Premiere will listen to their customer base. We will keep the Adobe platform at least for one year more. Everythings depends on CS6, and I'm not telling about resources, but support, bug fixes mainly. I don't expect to get a bug free application at the release. But they didnt fix the audio loop bug while working with XDCAM HD 4:2:2, reported 8 months ago. Embarrassing.

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Mac desktop...same old buggy issues


              Works great on Windows, especially when you build your own.

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                Entitlement minded people are annoying and don't get it.

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                  Agreed. The folks at Adobe should listen to paying customers instead of thinking they are entitled to our money with no responsibility for quality or usability. After all, a paying customer is entitled to a working product... right?

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                    entremaneur Level 1

                    Yeah, it works great when you don't use it for more than 30 minutes or so and you only keep one file open. Start using Dreamweaver for extended periods, if you don't experience one or two crashes a day you will be the first person I've spoken with who had that experience. I've run Dreamweaver on 5 or 6 PC's and a MAC. Two of the PC's I built, the rest bought. I've had issues on every one of them. Photoshop, however, has never given me a problem. Nor has Illustrator.  But Dreamweaver and Fireworks glitches occur regularly. I'm just curious why Adobe skips over so many cries for fixes, requests for interim patches, and basic updates to keep Adobe's web development products on par with their open source (free) competition. No LESS support? No Coffeescript? No jQuery support (jQuery Mobile, but not jQuery?? What were you thinking?). And what about apps? Adobe's version of "extensions" is so 1999. Adobe fanboys can write this off as a rant. But I'm speaking the truth, and I've spent long enough in the community that I can say with confidence that anyone who uses Dreamweaver or Fireworks professionally will agree. I personally paid $3k Adobe licenses this past year, and everything I'm mentioning is supported by virtually every single one of Dreamweaver's competitors: notepad++, textmate, sublime, WebStorm, and many others. And most of them are free. $3k folks. That gives me anyone a right to rant.


                    Adobe, please make good on your promise to people like me who want your products to work so badly that we paid seriously rediculous amounts of cash to use them.

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                      TradeWind Level 3

                      I think your general point is valid - if you pay for software, it should work. That is not a statement I'll ever disagree with.


                      Now, while I'm not exactly disagreeing with you, I do question one thing...you're telling me that all of these free or open source web developing software packages have a half dozen features that Adobe doesn't provide in Dreamweaver? I don't know whether this is true or not since I'm a video guy, so I'll take your word for it. I use Dreamweaver CS3 on an intermittent basis and it works fine for me and my limited usage. I got what I paid for, at least. So I can't speak to CS4 or CS5 at all, and for all I know you are 100% correct.


                      My only question, then, is why are you paying for Dreamweaver at all if it doesn't give you anything that you can't get already for free in other software? I know you're not just being a generous guy and giving Adobe your money for no reason. Dreamweaver's capabilities are usually spelled out pretty clearly on the website, so if it doesn't do something you need then you should hopefully have known that from the outset. Even if you did purchase without knowing Dreamweaver's limitations, you could have at least gotten your money back with Adobe's 30 day refund policy (assuming you read about the return policy).


                      This isn't all to say that Adobe SHOULD NOT include more and better features in each upgrade of Dreamweaver (or any software they sell). And like I said, it goes without saying the the software should work on the average system if they're going to be charging money for the usage of the software. I just can't figure out from your previous statement why you're even paying for Dreamweaver at all if you're already getting everything you need from free software packages.

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                        Jnz77 Level 1

                        I thank you too. but creative suite has a lots of bugs unsolved throughout versions and versions. sorry.

                        so every new version now contains useless childish features but there are dozens of "simple" things unsolved or hard to achieve.


                        Flash - crappy bugy pen tool continues drawing at random points (not from the last point of the actual line),

                        color panel alpha slider jumps back to 99%, crashes, no way to  set the line tool to "no scale" mode without workaround. etc...

                        Photoshop - no way to preview an effect if it is on a layer containing only small things, because you cant see any underlaying layer.
                        no real preview for effect like lens blur.
                        no way to organize fonts - I have to scroll over all the oriental characters even if I won't use it (on Windows platform), and there's no other way to organize fonts to different families too.
                        the rendered fonts are ugly as H |= LL !! --> if you can use 3d for childish useless basic 3d modelling, you can do it for advanced visual rendering.

                        the graphic card integration is chaotic.

                        the wacom tablet support is even no close to include tool ID. the fancy 3d brush-cursors are jumping around, while the pen moves.

                        illustrator tools doesn't catch tool keystrokes in the air.
                        I have to click with the tool (whatever it is, and whatever I do in this step what I don't want to do, and therefore I have to undo it before changing-tool-with-shortkey)


                        I'll wait for the bugs to be fixed.

                        I don't care the new features, because I hadn't even got what I payed for in CS4, so I am skipping CS5 CS5.5.


                        AND when the bugs will be fixed, i pay for the upgrade, and checksum how much did it cost e.g.

                        a flawless pen tool for flash. b/c none of the versions till these days have a flawless basic vector pen tool.


                        But I think little by little people will migrate to open source solutions, b/c it is very hard to work with crappy softwares 8-10 hours a day.

                        Useless of thinking all the time about fancy features, b/c the whole world of design will tend to shortcut for open source friendly or low cost ways,
                        skipping things that doesn't worth the effort with the struggle.


                        if there are no bug fixes it is no reason to upgrade. you folks got to decide: you want to create toys for children or professional tools for WORK.
                        if you want to create toys, you can create another title such as Adobe Fun Suite.

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                          Jnz77 Level 1

                          It isn't true, sorry.

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                            TradeWind Level 3

                            FWIW - Adobe announced the discontinuation of CS Review "on April 12th, 2012). So I'll draw the following conclusion:


                            1) The new Adobe CS Cloud service will be announced that day (just days before NAB)

                            2) The new Adobe CS Cloud service  - and the new CS6 - will be available on that same day (boxed products being available later).


                            Makes sense, given the timing of the discontinuation, the previous statements that indicated this exact timeline, the intent of Adobe to begin going to the digital download (and subscription route) and the fact that NAB is and has been a perfect launching pad for these things.


                            It ain't fact until Adobe sez so...but you may want to consider this bit of logic for your own purposes.

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                              Jim_Simon Level 9

                              Adobe announced the discontinuation of CS Review "on April 12th, 2012


                              Uh...where'd you see that?  My understanding was that it was free until then, being a paid service thereafter.

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                                TradeWind Level 3

                                I'm sure the idea is to steer folks to the new Creative Cloud service. Otherwise they'd have two similar concurrent services.


                                I never cared for CS Review as it was implemented...the Premiere Pro integration was great but the user experience for editors and clients left a lot to be desired once reviews were actually online.

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                                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                                  Well that is disappointing.  I used the service quite a bit, and found it the best method so far for client review and correction.


                                  I wonder if the same holds true for Story, which was also suppose to be free until the 12th, being paid thereafter.

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                                    TradeWind Level 3

                                    Regarding Story, read the rest of the FAQ.


                                    As for CS Review, so many of my clients complained about it. They didn't like creating accounts, they didn't like the slow playback, they didn't like the low quality, they found the controls unintuitive.


                                    As for creating an account, that is a bit annoying. Simply asking them to use a password would be nice enough. The slow playback was an issue for my clients on fast connections (talking corporate lines, big city, "no expense spared" type stuff). As for being unintuitive...well, I never found that to be the case, but then I'm more tuned into this stuff than I would expect your average attorney or business owner or school teacher to be.


                                    Anyway, the fact that it was free for CS Review was great, but the service itself was the source of complaints by my clients so rather than blow them off, I gave Adobe CS Review the pink slip. I have been doing my reviews on Vimeo Pro for a while now and it's much easier for my clients. There is a private review page and comment area and as soon as the client approves the final video online, I click a button and it goes live on the main site. Easy.


                                    The one feature - the "killer app" - that CS Review had that held my interest the most was the integration to and from Premiere Pro. As far as I can tell, that worked fine (although recently - after having stopped my use of CS Review - I did notice that the CS Review tab in PPro caused issues at launch every time I opened a PPro project). But you know, Clip Notes had that feature before and both then and now (or then and then), the feature was almost unused because no matter how well I explained it to my clients, they just ended up making notes on a notepad as they watched the videos and then sending the edit notes to me in an e-mail.


                                    The only time that feature really shined for me was when I had some editors collaborating on a piece. They easily understood how to use CS Review. So for those purposes it is great. That's just not what I was working with the other 90% of the time when the reviewer was the end client.


                                    So while I'd agree with you Jim that it is disappointing news, it's only disappointing because it was a feature that sat there unusable for most of the time that I "owned" it. So I for one am looking forward to what Adobe brings along for the review space in Creative Cloud.

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                                      Jim_Simon Level 9

                                      As long as it's integrated, and will jump to the same frame in a sequence that a comment is made on, I guess I won't complain.


                                      (So basically, as long as it's CS Review+)

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