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    Upgrade Question Premiere 6.5 to Pro CS5

    deimosphobos Level 2

      Hi all.


      Wonder if anyone else here has done this or if anyone knows.


      I have a full copy of Premiere 6.5

      I recently built a new editing PC with Win 7 64 bit.


      Well Premiere 6.5 will not install on Win 7 Home Premium. So I started to look at my options.


      I see there is an upgrade to Pro CS5 for around $280 but here is my question.


      Premiere 6.5 is not installed on my machine, or any other machine and I have a valid key, the original install disks, manuals, etc. It won't install.


      Will the updage version of Pro install on my new machine or does it require that 6.5 be installed first ?


      Anyone else gone this route ?