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    Style Import Issue?




      I have a Captivate 5.5  module where all the captions, highlight boxes, click boxes, and so forth are just they way I want them.  I use that project to create a training simulation, but the styles are not inherited from the original module.  So, I export the styles from the original project, record a new training simulation, and import the styles.  However, the newly recorded project does not take on the characteristics of the imported style file.


      Any ideas you can lend would be great.





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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but you have to import the Styles before recording a new simulation if you want the Capture Captions taking on the new style.



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            hps_5 Level 1

            No, I am importing the styles after the recording.  So, when I record, I get text captions in Halo blue, or yellow, or..., instead of Ivory.  The Ivory (and other object formatting) is consistent in an existing project, so I export the styles from the existing project, and import them into the newly recorded one.  After doing the import, the styles are not reformatted.

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              AndyKingInOC Level 4

              It's my understanding you need to import that style file before starting the recording.  There are a couple ways around it after the fact, but not necessarily the cleanest result.



              If you saved the ivory styles as the default names, when you import the style file, Cp will prompt if you want to apply the imported styles to the existing objects.



              If you named the styles, when you import the ivory style, you can select an appropriate object (a caption with the 'default caption style' let's say), change it to the ivory style, then click the little arrow below the style drop down.  This will let you apply that ivory style to every object of the object style you choose.



              That used the word 'object' and 'style' a lot.  I hope that makes sense.

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