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    Flex mobile app communication with ASP .NET service over HTTPS



         I have a flex mobile app developed using the 4.6 SDK. I have used the Data/Services wizard to create a link with an ASP .NET webservice that lives on our primary production webserver and supplies information to the Flex Mobile app. Even though the URL is specified as being HTTPS, none of the data is being encrypted as it flows between the mobile app and the service on the webserver. This causes any data such as credentials for validation to be passed back and forth in plain text which is a disaster!


      I've seen mention of the ChannelSets (especially the SecureHTTPChannel) but I'm not sure if I am supposed to use this in addition to what the normal Flex webservice wizard already generated for me? All of the documentation and google searching appear to point out examples that are way out of date. Any help you folks could provide would be greatly appreciated!