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    Simple User Interface Improvement

    `Ken` Community Member

      There is one aspect of the user interface that has always slowed my productivity in LR. The scroll bars located on the far left and right of the side panels are thinner than standard scroll panels in Windows programs. When I work with the interface at my normal operating speed, I usually miss the scroll bar 50% of the time when I try and click and drag them. I thought over time this issue would go away as I got use to this irregular aspect of the LR interface, but it has not during the years I have used LR starting with version one. Since many people have wide screen displays, it seems like having a normal width scroll bar would not sacrifice that much screen real estate and would benefit those of us with hand eye coordination that falls outside what was envisioned by the LR user interface developers. Perhaps it could be an optional setting.


      Of all of the user interface improvements possible in LR, this one simple change would be of the greatest benefit to my productivity.


      Thank you for considering it