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    Automatically adding alt text to graphics

    Milo G Level 1

      Here is a pie-in-the-sky project that is way beyond my abilities. Anyone up for that challenge will have my (and probably other's) endless gratitude.


      I would like a script that creates an "alt text" for graphics based on the text of its caption in the document.


      The structure would be something along the lines of:

      1. Enumerating each anchored frame that contains a graphic

           a. Testing to see if a specific paragraph style follows the anchored frame

           b. If exists, selecting the text of that specific paragraph style

           c. Setting the "Alternate" object property of the anchored frame


      So after most graphics we have a caption using a "Figure Title" paragraph style. The script should create the text like: "This image is a screen shot of " + figTitle. Then populate the Alternate field of the Object Attributes dialog box of the Object Properties of the anchored frame.