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    Problem with fill-in-blank questions


      I'm using powerpoint 2003 and Adobe presenter 7. When I create fill-in-blank questions in quiz, more detail: I have 5 textboxes in 5 sentences; after each sentence, I pushed "enter" to make a new line (of course, there is 1 textbox in each one). It seemed ok. But, when I presented it on the browser, they were disordered. There weren't any enters. Where I had used "enter" button, they were still on the same line; even, textbox I created at the middle of the sentence, but at the presenting time it jumped to the end of the sentence.

      How can I do to overcome this situation? Is that because of the properly between the ppoint 2003 and AP7? or another causes?

      Plz help me because I'm preparing to attend an important competition in my school.

      Tks so much!

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          mkalyanp Level 2



          I can see a bit of the problem you are talking about

          the issue is as follows

               1. Say you inserted a FIB question and inserted question text with new line characters (say 3 lines)

               2. You pressed OK and the quiz slide appears properly

               3. Say you went back to the FIB question in manage quiz again.

                    a. The problem is present here

                    b. The new line characters present are getting deleted which is an issue which has been reported.

                    c. All you have to do is to re- enter the new line character in the question textbox and the output will appear fine            

          Even after this if you are still seeing the issue can you please share the ppt file, atleast the fill in the blanks slide, so that we can see what the problem is?



          Mahesh Nayak


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            TruongNga Level 1

            I share U my file. Maybe, there will be a bit difficult for U because of my language. It's Vietnamese. But I think U can see the problem I mentioned in it.

            + In the first slide, I can't make its appearance better. Could U so my how to make texts in each line more balanced.

            + In the next slide, U can realize easily each sentence bcause they are numbered 1 ,2, 3 ... I want to format each sentence in a seperate line.

            Tks U so much for your reply!

            Hope U will help me more! ^_^

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              mkalyanp Level 2



              Sorry for the delayed reply.

              You have to manually adjust the question on the slide and then publish it.

              The issue is having a huge paraghgraph of text as question with number of blanks will result in the miss alignment due to the size of the blanks.


              The issue regarding your numbered Fill in the blanks in a slide has been logged and we will get back to you once it is fixed.


              Am sorry that there is no absolute workaround for your problem



              Mahesh Nayak