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    Tips for Optimizing Video for Mobile

    NotEnoughHours Level 1

      I often upload videos to YouTube, but also very often get the dreaded message "This Video Has Not Been Optimized For Mobile" when watching... from a PDA. 


      Google "optimize for video youtube" and you'll get a dozen articles telling you to speak clearly, use large text and zoom in on products.  Obviously that's not what the problem is. 


      Search YouTube and you'll find not much.  At least I didn't. 


      What they do tell you is that it's better to upload the highest quality files.  Which is what I do - MPEG2 HD files.  I assumed YouTube will compress and do whatever it is they do and make sure their videos are compressed enough to play on mobile without any issues.  I guess they don't - but they also don't seem to give any good advice on this either.  What I guess I NEED to do is find a happy medium that will give me a good video for watching on a desktop, but that will still load well on mobile devices.


      Am I just missing something?  Anyone got any good tips on how to save videos for uploading to YouTube?