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    How Do I fix these columns and NavBar?

    Prodigy9 Community Member

      Newbie here...


      How do I fix these side bars and have the navbar reside positioned center in the middle of the header.  Sidebars should be one on the left and one on the right with the content center in the middle.  Footer should be just like the header.







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          Nancy O. ACP/MVP

          Looking at your body selector code, I see 3 background properties.  The 2nd one trumps the 1st.  And the 3rd one trumps the 1st & 2nd.  Pick one. Remove the others.


          background-color: #00F;

          background: #FFF url(images/bg_page.png) repeat-x;

              margin: 0;

              padding: 0;

              color: #000;

              font-family: Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif;

              font-size: 100%;

              line-height: 1.4;

          background: url(images/shadow_980_20.png) repeat-y top center;




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