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    LiveCycle Form used on an iPad/Distribution Issues. PLEASE HELP!

    R.H. Valletta

      I am a young designer with a complicated problem. I have virtually no experience building interactive forms and I have a client that wants to do the following:


      -Take a form and fill out some of it on a pc

      -Then send it to an iPad, use the app SignMyiPad to insert photos taken with the iPad into image fields in the partially filled out form-

      -Fill out the rest form on the iPad

      -Then send the fully filled out form back to a pc


      For reference, he has given me a form that a business associate of his is already using to do the above, however, the designer that created the existing form quit and is now on bad terms with the associate. This means I can't ask this person about the process he used that makes this work. My background is in print design, but after watching a few tutorial videos and playing around with some of the features on my own I understand the basics of creating a form in LiveCycle (I think).


      I've made several test forms (just a few fields on a page) to send to my client to make sure I could create what he wanted. Unfortunately, I can't even find out if the forms I created will work the way he wants because my biggest issue so far is actually getting the pdf onto his iPad! When I email the files, sometimes they show up as an attachment icon which he can touch (click) to save and work with but most of the time the pdfs appear in the body of the email like an embedded image and he can do nothing with them. Sometimes if I send a plain text email from Outlook, it makes it to his iPad as an attachment he can work with but that only worked once with a totally blank form. When I filled some of it out and tried again, the info that was typed into the form and was saved on the pc was lost when that same file made it to his inbox.


      Can anyone offer any insight? I truly have no idea what I'm doing and I really don't want to let my client down.