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    Wiped a Mac, Installed software on new Mac, refused authorization


      Hi, I installed CS5.5 Master Collection in my i7 Macbook Pro, and in my son's i5 Macbook Pro, being sure not to use them at the same time. Then I wiped the i7 Macbook Pro, reinstalled OSX, and passed on the computer to a co-worker. I then bought another i7 and installed CS5.5 on it, but I'm getting a warning that I've exceeded the maximum number of installations. I know for a fact that it is no longer on my previous computer any longer. As a matter of fact, I convinced him to purchase CS5.5 Master Collection, he did, and has now installed it.



      What should I do to get the error message to stop showing up, because the warning states that my licensed version of CS5.5 will stop working in 28 days.