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    Adobe Acrobat X Pro: Create PDF Portfolio not previewing Word docs



      Concise problem statement:

      Word documents won't preview on an Adobe PDF Portfolio, while other Office documents (Excel, PowerPoint, etc) will. It only shows a Word icon on the preview and you have to double-click the file to open it on actual word. This is not the way Acrobat is supposed to behave.


      NOTE: Adobe Acrobat 10.1.2 (latest version) and Office 2010 Suite w/ SP1 installed.


      Steps to reproduce bug:

      1. Create a PDF Portfolio

      2. Add Word (.doc, .docx) files to the Portfolio

      3. Click on Preview and you will see a Word icon instead of a thumbnail preview.





      You will see a word icon


      Expected results:

      A thumbnail preview of the document like it happens with Excel, PowerPoint, etc...



      Can you guys reproduce this error? What do you think?