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    USB Recording Interface Not Recognized


      I'm using a USB resording interfact (a little electronic mixer that connects my microphone to my computer via USB).  Presenter doesn't seem to recognize this device.  When I go to settings/preferences/audio source under the Presenter menu, it gives two options: (1) microphone and (2) line in. 


      Neither of these seems to work with my USB interface.


      Does Presenter work with USB interfaces?


      I have also checked my Windows sound setting and set the USB interface as the dewfault audio input and output devices.  Windows seems to recognize it and is working for other programs (e.g., Skype, etc.) with audio inputs/outputs.


      Am I doing something wrong?


      My system includes:


      -Dell Latitude laptop

      -Windows 7, 32 bit

      -Presenter 7.06

      -Office 2010

      -Mackie Onyx Blackjack USB recording interface



      Viking 101