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        PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

        Strict forum, Claudio! Rule one: Thou shalt not speak of the Fight Club

        I don't know who all the moderators are, indeed, not knowing who is one is a question. Also, some Community Professionals are not moderators/hosts!

        I don't know if it is good or not. I just try to use those "powers" with care and goodwill, and try to respect all sensibilities.

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          Phillip M Jones Level 4

          Shame I don't use AI (Can't make any sence of it came with my CS5.5 WEB premium package). I sure would have enjoyed being in the AI Forums. That more like it should be  run. Answer questions but if get a littele off topic that’s okay to.  Unlike The Acrobat forums  having possibly 4  and sperated by Computer Platform being split into 10 or more.  and everyone dumped to get togethe and if you say so much as how are you today its taken off.

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            PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

            The Ps forums also had a lot of funny threads, but at one point, some decided to move them to the lounge, that became the forum lounge.

            Here is a nice one that popped up recently: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4214126#4214126

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              Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

              Sorry, but I give up. For the second time I have lost a long message because


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                PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                Could you share details about your setup, Claudio? What browser?

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                  Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                  Sorry, every forum is specific, but it sounds like the AI forum is an holy place worth more than the others... it is not meant disrespecfully at all, but I know you realize that all forums have ACH posts in there, and I was wondering why a special case should be made of a particular forum.


                  I believe all forums are holy, no one more than others; and I had no clue about the Community Help threads until they started appearing in the Illustrator forum.


                  Quite frankly I see little point in our seeing which article(s) gave rise to the question of each thread: either the question is too woolly to answer without clarification by the one asking it, or clear enough to answer without any background. In Illustrator, and probably in many/most other applications, there are almost always different ways of doing things in Illustrator, unless user specific decisions/requirements, or some fundamental indispensible rules, apply, so guesswork or initial clarifying questions by the helpers often form part of the threads.


                  For these reasons, I believe that it is better to refer those with questions to the relevant forums, as is done in this forum, and then maybe (have them) post links to successful threads back to Community Help, which may also make them more intelligible there.


                  Is that not possible?


                  You might also see it this way: the questions raised by the articles may be of two kinds:


                  One kind may actually be about the article, including its structure and contents, therefore giving rise to considerations about supplementing/amendmending/whatever, but hardly relevant in the context of the forum in question.


                  The other kind may be questions that might just as well be completely independent of the article, and therefore more suitably dealt with in the relevant forum(s) without reference to any article.


                  I have no knowledge about, and therefore no opinion on, the Community Help.


                  Edit: A fine thread. Thank you for sharing, Pierre.

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                    Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                    Pierre, I'm out of town at the time, using latest Explorer 9 under Win 7 and through a slow mobile connection, although I'm mostly a Mac man.


                    My second lost mail gave the reasons for my previous suggestion. It also acknowledged that many -but not all- moderators are like you: considerate, corteous and good willing. And, being a man who has lived the largest part of his life in the previous century, I complained again by the totally unnecessary anonymity of moderators. As all in my generation, I was taught to face my responsibilities.

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                      Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                      Well, here is a new example of a CH post in the forum in Spanish:




                      Some comments:


                      1. It's not clear which product the discussion refers to, unless one happens to notice the name "illustrator" buried in the middle of the link.
                      2. The link takes one to a multi page document, each with a different help topic. I gave up counting after 12 pages.
                      3. The help post is followed by a message asking a question that, for me at least, is difficult to guess if it is directly related whith the topic in the title of the help message, or to that of one of the other pages in the link, or is a new question. This message has the same posting date and time than the opening message.
                      4. As this second message is in Spanish and the text of the help message is in English, it is easy to be led to think that it is indeed a new question. This happened to Federico, the most knowledgeable and helpful participant in the forum in Spanish, the author of the third message, one of the many people in that forum who still do not understand CH posts.


                      My previous suggestion on this was crippled because I left out my reasons for making it after having to rewrite my message, and gave up when I lost a second long message; and also because the system graciously eliminated the blank lines that clarified its structure.


                      Quite frankly, I think that the CH messages may be a very good idea, but they certainly need a lot of polishing. In my opinion, at least. And at least when, in the forum in Spanish (one forum for all Adobe products, with no subforum of any kind and no moderators, remember?), they misteriously and unexpextedly fall down out of the blue sky.

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                        Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                        Same CH thread again,




                        showing how confusing the situation can get. After Federico answered in message #2 the question in Spanish by natan70 in message #1, natan posted more details in message #3. Then Federico gave a more precise answer in message #4, which natan thanked in message #5, stating that this had solved his problem. And I, in message #6, I asked natan to mark the question as answered, forgetting that he isn't the originator of the thread...


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