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    Disappointed in Adobe CS5.5 Upgrade


      I just purchased the upgrade from CS3 Production Premium to CS5.5 Master Collection and am very disappointed... and haven't even installed it yet.

      The box from the Adobe Store came with NO manuals, not so much as a scrap of paper that said hello.Just 3 discs in a little box and a note about not running on win 32-bit..

      I'm looking at my CS3 box and it's about 2 feet long and all the manuals are dog-eared and well used...

      So I called Adone and they said they would be happy to sell me a bunch of training... They no longer include manuals with their products.

      Really? No manuals?  Now I have to spend another $500 on manuals?

      I'm very disappointed... May have to just send it back.. At least I know how to work CS3...